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Magazine Binders, Tech Bullitens etc.

1941 Packard accessories Booklet

An accurate reproduction of the 6 X 9 in. booklet printed in sepia tones on slick stock. Boocklet contains 20 pages of illustrations and information on authorized Packard accessories. Hood ornaments, steering wheels,bumper guards, correct radio antenna, fog lights, fender skirts, oil filter, and more to enhance your Packard.

P/N L105 $4.50 + shipping

Parts Interchange Manuals

Volume One (blue cover)

P/N L101 Contains information on axle assembly and parts, axle housings (rear), axle shafts, bearings, brake drums, brake master cylinder and brake systems.

Volume Two (pink cover)

P/N L102 Contains information on camshafts, carburetors, clutch disks, pressure plates, connecting rods, differential parts, drive shafts, distributors, flywheels, fuel pumps and fuel tanks.

Volume Three (red cover)

L103 Contains information on exhaust manifolds, generators, generator armatures, hubs, hub and drum assemblies and radiators.

Volume Four (green cover)

L104 Contains Information on radios, voltage regulators, shock absorbers, spindles, steering gear, timing chains, starters, starter motor drives and armatures.

$7.00 ea. or $24.00 set of four + shipping


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