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Parts & Accessories catalog : Interior Rubber Parts


Clutch & brake pedal pads, seals, gearshift boots, and dimmer switch pad.

Brake /Clutch Pedal Pads 1948 - 50

Packard P/N 367315 Oval pedal pads fit 1948 through 1950 models

Price $23.00 pr.

Gearshift Boots

Black Boot: Packard P/N 403045

$17.50 Free shipping

Tan Boot: Packard P/N 364557

$18.00 + 15% shipping

Dimmer Switch Pad

Dimmer Switch Pad

Packard P/N 311379 Exact replica of the original used on all 1935 through 1958 models. Similar to and fits floor-mounted starter switchfor 1932 and earlier cars.

Price $10.50 Free shipping

Pedal Arm Seals

Packard P/N 300915 an exact replica of the original with positive "bellows" action. Mounts on brake & clutch arms through floor board. Fits the following models: all 1935 through 1941 Junior models, all1939 through 1950 except 1939 Packard Twelve, and all 1951 - 56 without power brakes.

Price $23.00 + shipping

Brake/clutch Pedal Pads

Packard P/N 169182 Black rectangular pedal pads all models from 1930 through 1947 and 1951 through 1956 without power brakes. Red clutch pedal pad is available for 1941 through 1947 cars with electromatic clutch.

Price $33.00 pr. + shipping


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