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Parts & Accessories catalog : Battery & Electric


Battery Case Shells for Optima Batteries, Cables and braided ground straps,Battery retainers (hold downs), and "J" bolts.

19L flat braided cable

This #1 gauge cable is 19 inches long and designed to work with a modern group2 battery, or the GRP2 battery case. It will fit all 51 to 56 cars. please specify positive or negative ground

Price $18.00 + shipping

J-Bolts for battery holddowns

Cad plated 1/4 in. J-bolts are for use on the under hood battery retainer (holddown)and are not needed for batteries that are mounted under the seat.

$6.00 + shippimg

Battery cable to starter switch

This cable is an accurate reproduction of the original as used on 1951 to 1954 cars. It is custom fabricatedusing #1 gauge welding cable, a die cast zinc plated brass terminal, and a heavy copper alloy lug. The terminal and lug are soldered(not crimped)and sealed to prevent corrosion

$18.00 + Shipping

Battery retainer Packard P/N 422692

Battery retainer Packard P/N 422692

The battery retainer is an accurate show quality reproduction of the original as used on 1951 to 1954 cars. It has a gloss black powder coated finish and is ready to install.

Price $46.00 + shipping

Battery retainer for 1935 to 1941 cars

The 1935 -41 battery holddown is for under seat/floor applications. It is made of heavy gauge stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance.

Price $26.00 + shipping

25L Flat braided cable

25L Flat braided cable

This #1 gauge cable is 24 inches long and is designed to work with the GRP2L(tar top) battery case shell to provide the authentic look to your 51 to 54 engine compartment. replaces Packard P/N 416406.

Price $19.00 + shipping

Group 2 Battery Case Shell

Group 2 Battery Case Shell

The GRP2 will fit cars from 1935 to 1942 with underseat application, and 1951 to 1954 underhood applications (see also Group 2LD)

Dimensions; 10.25 Long X 6.75 Wide X 8.0 High

$78.00 ea. + shipping

Group 2L (Tar Top) battery case shell

Group 2L (Tar Top) battery case shell

The group 2L (tar top)is designed to add the 50s look to your under hood detailing.

Fits all models that use a group 2 battery.

Dimensions; 10.50 L X 7.0 W X 8.0 H.
Shipping wt. 4.0 lbs.
Package size 12 X 12 X 9

Price $95.00 + shipping.

AccuMate  Battery Maintainance System

AccuMate Battery Maintainance System

!!Stop wasting money on dead batterys!!
The AccuMate automatic Maintainance System is the answer for stored, unused or "stand-by" batteries, even for months on end. The solid state circuitry is ideal for maintaining batteries in "classic" "veteran" and other vehicles not regularly used. The AccuMate will not overcharge, boil , or damage your battery. Batteries that are regularly maintained on an AccuMate will out last most warranty service periods.

Easy to use. just select the charging output, 6V or 12V, connect to the battery. The rest is automatic.

P/N AM100 $68.00 + shipping

Battery to Starter cable

Battery to Starter cable

A faithfull reproduction of the 1938 to 1941 Packard battery to starter switch cable. This 66 inch 1/0 Ga. welding cable is covered with a weather resistant coated woven fabric outer cover, and the die cast zink plated copper lug & terminal are sealed from moisture with a heavy wall adheasive lined shrink tube. The battery terminal a 90o neg. as were the originals.

$60.00 ea. + shipping


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